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Mobile PC Wiki is about Microsoft Surface and other Microsoft Mobile Technologies

Supporting You with Your Mobile PC Technologies

This is a place where you can find, add, and edit knowledge about your Mobile PC Technologies. The main focus is on Microsoft Surface and other portable devices running Windows.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Comparison to Surface Pro

I got the Surface Pro as soon as it was available in February 2013. It seemed almost premature to get the Surface Pro 2 when it came out in October 2013 but I got it anyway. The main reason: For many of my presentations I like to have two screens up as I'm speaking. Until now I had been using the Surface RT as my second screen, but my must-have applications (Mouse Without Borders, Sketchbook Pro) do not run on that machine. When the Surface Pro 2 came out - I was ready to make the jump. The intent was not to replace the original Surface Pro, but to get another full-function tablet to use with it. In short - it's exactly what I needed. I want to add that if you have a Surface Pro, I wouldn't be looking to replace it with a Surface Pro 2. There are advantages to the new unit but the original Surface Pro is still a wonderful machine and by no means obsolete.

The biggest advantages of the Surface Pro 2 over the original Surface Pro:

  • Battery life. For my typical applications: Surface Pro runs 3.5 hours. The Surface Pro 2 runs 5.5 hours. This difference matters when I need to spend extended time away from AC power but when I'm doing presentations the Surface Pro lasts long enough.
  • Kick Stand angle It's a small thing but the Surface Pro 2 has a two step kick stand that allows it to sit tilted both at the original angle of the Surface Pro, and also a second position - tilted a little farther back. If I have the Surface Pro 2 on a desktop, lectern, or hand-held, this does not matter at all. The only time I use the new second position is when I have the Surface Pro 2 on a flat surface that is low, but not low enough to lay it flat.
  • Processor Speed In all the reviews that I've read much has been made of the faster processor in the Surface Pro 2. For what I do when I'm teaching and day to day computing, I don't notice the difference when I have the machines side-by-side.

Enjoy your Surface Pro if you have one, but if you don't take a really good look at the Surface Pro 2. It's a wonderful machine.


Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro
Now THIS is going to change things. Not only can I run all my old applications, this is fast, light, has a great screen, and is very quiet. The digital pen works as well if not better than with my previous Table PCs. I've already gotten more than 4 hours running time with it, and this would be more than enough to do a typical lecture for me. I'm very excited.
What about the Surface RT I picked up 90 days ago? Well it's still here. I knew that it would take a backseat to the Pro when it arrived, but I don't regret having it. If you've ever seen me do a lecture, (at least from my side of things), you would know that I usually have two machines with me. I like to have a backup, and it also lets me look ahead even when my main machine (in this case the Surface Pro) is mirrored on a projector.
More about all of this when I have the workflow ironed out.

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